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5 Grooming Mistakes You May Have Forgotten

It’s the finer details that can lift you from looking good to looking cut-like-a-knife-sharp!


Stray noseys have a simple solution – nose trimmers! Inexpensive and effective, it is a must for any man wanting to look his best.

Body Odour and Sweating

In the sticky Sydney heat, B.O. is the King Joffrey of the grooming world. Combat it through the use of antiperspirants and undershirts, or consider a miraDry treatment to permanently reduce it.

Grown Out Haircuts

Like any tool, your haircuts needs to be looked after. The main culprit of messing your appearance is that awkward phase; when the sides and back are longer than the rest. Try and keep 6 weeks maximum between snips.


No man wants to have shaped or sculpted eyebrows, but there’s no need to have caterpillars above your eyes either! The main aim here is to keep them clean and separate. Simply remove any stray hairs and go to a trusted professional if you need to. Or get them sorted once and for all with laser hair removal from as little as $50 dollars per session.


Ever felt scarred from shaking someone’s hand? Don’t be the guy with dirty, unkempt nails. Keep them short, tidy and out of your mouth. If, like us, you CBF, there’s no harm in trying a man-icure!

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