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7 Surprising Things You Might Not Know about Your Member

You might be living with a penis but there are probably a few things you might not know about it.
The penis is an intricate organ (that’s right, it’s an organ) and even though you’ve had one all your life, there are a few facts you find interesting.

1. The penis is not a muscle

A penis might feel like a muscle when it’s hard but it’s actually just made of spongy tissue that fills with blood. You might find this fact difficult to believe because you’re able to move your member up and down. However, this is because you have muscles around your penis. In fact, even men can engage in Kegel exercises, which strengthen the pubococcygeal (PC) muscles. These are also the muscles that control your bladder and sexual function.

2. Grow’er’ or a show’er’ is a thing

It’s very rare for there to be consistency between the size of a flaccid and erect penis. What this means is that just because a man at gym has a long flaccid penis doesn’t mean it gets bigger when it’s erect. The same applies to the man with a smaller flaccid penis, it can actually get much larger when it’s erect. Hence, the grow’er’ or a show’er’ theory.

3. You’ll lose it if you don’t use it

If you don’t get erections and use your penis on a regular basis, functionality can weaken. When the penis is periodically enriched with oxygen-rich blood, it exercises your member and keeps it healthy. If you’ve found that your erections aren’t as strong as they used to be, you may want to consider PRP. PRP therapy promotes healthy tissue growth and creates stronger erections. PRP therapy is a technique that extracts platelets and growth factors from your own blood. These are then injected into the penis to enhance its health, stimulate circulation, blood flow and stem cell rejuvenation.

4. Sensitivity won’t be the same when you’re 70

It is true that sensitivity declines the older you get. It’s difficult to determine by how much though. Research shows that sensitivity begins to decline from as young as 25 but the sharpest decline is seen after the age of 65. However, erectile problems are far more common than loss of sensitivity.

5. Your penis is bigger than you think

Many men don’t know that half the length of their penis sits inside their body, so you’ll never see the true length of your member. This is because your penis is attached to your pubic bone. The only time that you’ll ever be able to see this half of your penis is in an MRI picture.

6. Pleasure stems from more than just your penis

Yes, the underside of the shaft and head of the penis are immensely sensitive but there are several other areas of the body that are just as sensitive. The anus, nipples and scrotum are rated as some of the most sensitive erogenous zones. These areas can play just as big a role as the penis in terms of climaxing.

7. There’s a whole lot of bacteria down there

Believe it or not but your member is home to a community of bacteria, not all of which is bad. Studies conducted by a team at the Translational Genomics Research Institute found 42 different kinds of bacteria making the skin of the penis their home. This differs based on whether your penis is circumcised or not though. Keeping your penis clean will keep the bad bacteria at bay.

There you have it – the penis is pretty marvellous isn’t it? By practicing good penis rituals and sexual health, you can continue to enjoy your member for all it has to offer for many years to come.

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