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Avoid The Burn

A good clean shave can give you a jolt of confidence and energy, and leave you feeling like a new man. Unfortunately, it can also give you some really bad irritation and cause some serious damage to your face leaving it red, itchy and causing razor bumps. Luck for mankind there are ways to avoid it entirely, read on to find how to keep your face smooth, fresh and razor burn-free.

Soften the beard.

Shaving a softer beard is way easier and less harsh than a coarser one. Shave after the shower to take advantage of the hot steam, you can also try applying some hair conditioner to your soon to be ex-beard while in the shower for added softness.


Use a facial scrub to remove dead skin cells and make your skin more flexible. Bonus effect: it also helps for ingrown hairs.

Use a shaving aid.

Whether shaving cream or a shaving oil, applying it to your skin and massaging it will leave your skin primed and ready for the next step.

Use a safety razor.

Today’s shaving industry would have us believe that repeatedly terrorizing our skin with 5 razors at once is a great idea. If you feel like anything over one is causing too much irritation consider a safety razor. It will eliminate skin irritation, get you that clean look and help keep your skin feeling like new in the longer term.

Shave with the grain.

This old trick to get a cleaner shave faster is a great source of post-shave irritation. Not to mention ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Shave with the grain instead. You will have to go for a second and maybe third pass, but your face is worth it.

Clean the blade with alcohol.

One of the main causes of razor burn and skin irritation from shaving is bacteria on your blade. Quick fix? Clean your blade with alcohol before shaving.

Keep in mind that moisturizing after a shave is another great way to avoiding irritation. If you want your face to look great but want to cut down on shaving time why not try The Bay Medispa Laser Hair reduction? Click here for more info.

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