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Groom Your Way Into a Better Career

Some men can wake up and be out of the house in 10 mins. But we’ve got news gents, if you’re
looking to get that promotion it’s time to consider your appearance as an asset to your
professional life. While it’s not conscious, the way we look influences hiring decisions, prestige
and even salary!


Forbes found that 76% of employers believe an unkempt appearance undermines a man’s
professional image. So clean your nails, shine your shoes and take care of your facial hair.
Other research has claims that healthy looking skin is a subconscious determinant for success.
Think about facials or facial lasers for a boost


Yes, how you carry yourself plays a big part on projecting leadership and authority (career boost). Walk tall, sit
tall and speak clearly.


Another harsh truth. 14% of surveyed employers said being overweight hurt your professional
prospects while numbers climbed to 43% when considering obesity. Time to dig out that gym
membership and visit us for a few sessions of CoolSculpting!


Yes, clothes are a big part of your image. Expensive-looking clothes were judged to be
important for professional environments. An excuse for a treat? Read our guide on how to dress
for success here

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