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MiraDry Sydney

Permanently Reduce Underarm Sweat with miraDry® at The Bay Medispa.

miraDry® – The only solution for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) in women without surgery

miraDry is the only minimally invasive treatment that permanently and safely eliminates underarm sweat and odour glands in women. The treatment uses energy that specifically targets and eliminates the sweat and odour glands. miraDry offers up to 82% reduction, with long-lasting results after 1-2 treatments.

This laser based techology is FDA and TGA approved. The procedure is clinically proven to be effective and safe. Results are immediate, with little to no downtime needed. More than 90% of our patients report being completely satisfied with the results of their treatment.

miraDry is the only non-invasive treatment that safely targets and permanently disables underarm sweat glands. It is a quick in-office procedure that provides a solution for anyone concerned about their sweat.

How much does miraDry cost in Sydney?

Your first treatment will be $2,800. Subsequent treatments will be $2,000.

The majority of our patients see a significant improvement after just one treatment. However, two treatments will product optimal results. Keep in mind that results can vary between individuals.

How it works

Before treatment, a local anaesthetic will be delivered. We ensure that you are comfortable through every step of the procedure. The applicator will emit specific and directed microwave energy. This energy targets the underarm region where the sweat glands are.

The treatment can produce heat. We will keep your skin cool and comfortable during treatment. Only the sweat gland ducts will experience the heat. This ensures a pain-free treatment.

The sweat glands responsible for the excessive sweating will be targeted and subsequently destroyed. It will take just one or two sessions to see results. While results can vary between individuals, the majority of our patients will see an average of 82% reduction in sweating from their underarms.

There is little to minimal downtime needed. Our patients can resume regular activities almost immediately after treatment. Some patients can experience varying amounts of bruising, swelling, numbness or sensitivity.

How vacuum assisted technology works

The miraDry® System delivers precisely-controlled energy non-invasively to the region where the sweat glands reside. Energy heats and eliminates sweat and odour glands. Since sweat glands do not grow back or regenerate, there is a dramatic and lasting reduction of sweat.

Is miraDry right for me?

miraDry may not be the right treatment solution for every person. Women who suffer from the excessive sweating condition known as hyperhidrosis, or those who are uncomfortable with their underarm sweating or odour, are good candidates for this treatment. miraDry is perfect for those who want a permanent solution to their sweating condition.

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Why miraDry at The Bay Medispa?

At The Bay Medispa we ensure your comfort during the entire experience. miraDry is not a surgical procedure and there is little to minimal downtime after the procedure. The rapid results of this clinically proven safe and effective treatment ensure patient satisfaction.

miraDry® FAQs

Are there any side-effects to miraDry?

There is the potential for some minor side-effects after completing a miraDry procedure. It is normal to experience some swelling and tenderness in the treated area. This typically eases up within a few weeks. Some patients may experience temporary changes in sensation in their underarms, or on the upper arms.

How long will the results last?

miraDry acheives the reduction or complete elimination of the sweat glands. They do not regenerate or grow back. As a result, miraDry is a long-term and permanent solution. It is advisable to undergo two treatments, to ensure the best in permanent results.

Are underarm sweat glands essential for regulating body temperature?

The body has over four million sweat glands, with just 2% of them in the underarm area. Eliminating this 2% will not impact the body’s ability to maintain a cooler temperature.

Does miraDry result in compensatory sweating elsewhere on the body?

No. The miraDry procedure disables and destroys the underarm eccrine glands in the underarms. The nerves that are responsibility for stimulating sweating will not be destroyed. After succesfful treatment, the body will continue to signal to the nerves that it is time to initiate sweating. The eccrine glands will not produce sweat. The body does not send signals to any other parts of the body to activate compensatory sweating.

Do underarm sweat glands grow back?

No. Sweat glands will not grow back. miraDry is a permanent treatment solution for reducing excessive underarm sweat.

Can miraDry be used elsewhere on the body?

No. The miraDry procedure is only approved to treat that sweat glands that are found in the underarm area. The miraDry procedure is not approved for the treatment of excessive sweat anywhere else on the body. This includes the feet, hands, knees and forehead.

Is miraDry safe?

Yes. The miraDry procedure is recognized as a safe procedure, by countless professionals across the world. The procedure has been successfully performed on thousands of patients. miraDry is safe and effective.

The Bay Medispa offers the most experience performing the miraDry procedure amongst all practicitioners in NSW. Book your appointment here.

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Temporary: requires ongoing treatments to maintain effect Injections using a fine neddle
Surgery Technique
Potentiol complications and risk of surgery Extended recovery
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