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Post Workout Grooming Essentials

You’ve hit the gym, smashed your workout and now you feel like a million dollars. Look the part and leave the iron temple looking slick with the following five musts for your gym bag.

B.O. Guard

A great session at the gym will keep you sweating all day, beat the B.O. by anticipating this and getting some A-grade underarm moisture protection. Apply a heavy duty or clinical grade antiperspirant to stay dry and smelling fresh; you can also come to The Bay Medispa for a session of miraDry, the non-invasive, FDA cleared treatment to permanently reduce sweat.

A quality body wash

Save time and space in your bag by getting a body wash, but stay clear of store bought ones that only remove the dirt and dry your skin in the process. You will be applying this head to toe so opt for a quality one to keep your face and body moisturized and healthy.


As you exercise your body temperature rises, and so does the evaporation of water from your skin. A lotion will replenish lost moisture and keep your skin nice and damage proof. Get one with SPF for increased protection.

Cologne or Perfume

Not only does cologne and perfume give you that spring in your step, it’s a must if your clothes have been traveling in the same gym bag as your shoes or gym clothes. Fabrics absorb scents quite easily, and “gym sweat” is definitely not a fragrance you want!

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