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The Rise of Male Aesthetics. ⅓ Men Now Find Anti-Ageing Treatments Acceptable.

For decades, gents have been made to believe that self-maintenance makes them soft, less of a man even. Yet just like women, we’re constantly bombarded with the ‘ideal man’. Bulging biceps. Smooth, ripped torsos. Slick hair do. You know the type.

Now, new research from Cosmetic Physician College of Australia (CPCA) has found that men are now more accepting of non-surgical aesthetic intervention. ⅓ believe it’s acceptable to have anti-ageing treatments to address premature aging signs (thinning hair, posture, wrinkles etc.)

While we don’t believe in unhealthy body ideals, there should be no reason for men to not feel as confident as they can. We champion the feeling of looking ‘on point’. Time and time again, we’ve seen the knock on effect to confidence. It can translate to the boardroom, the dating game, the home life…you name it. The CPCA agrees that “confidence often filters into many aspects of working life”.

The sooner men find it easier to talk about their appearance, body niggles and self-perception, the healthier we’ll be.

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Source: release/24-03-2017_Mens_trends_in_cosmetic_surgery.pdf

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