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Winter Skincare

While we tend to think of Summer sun exposure as harsh on the skin, the truth is that Winter also poses some perils to your dermis because of:

  • Cold temperatures and high wind
  • Low moisture
  • Increased heating
  • Still harsh UV light.

Try incorporating these tips and tricks into your winter skin regime!


It’s called skin evaporation (pretty self explanatory) and it peaks in winter. It is vital for the whole body, including the skin, to maintain hydration. Drink until your urine is a pale yellow.

Scrub up

Our skin cells are delicate and sensitive to temperature. Winter conditions kill off a higher percentage of the little guys, leaving skin looking dull and colourless. Try for a weekly exfoliation in the shower with a product like Dr Spiller’s Jojoba Peeling Cream (

Moisture, moisture, moisture

Moisturising is really important for men and women, because a moist skin environment allows for proper growth of new skin cells. Have a go using a product from Dr Spiller’s “Hydrate” range (

Protect yo’self

SPF? In winter? Yes! Even though the sun isn’t as noticeable, sun radiation is still strong, so consider applying a good sunscreen every morning.

Shave Carefully

If you chose to shave, be mindful of the stress of your skin. During winter it’s all the more important to shave after a hot shower so your pores are open and your skin malleable. Shaving cream or oils should also be top priority along with using sharp blades that will get the job done in the least amount of strokes. Remember to moisturize after your shave to avoid razor burn.

Boost your regime

Finally, a good facial is paramount to keeping your face looking young as it removes dead cells and promotes faster skin cell regeneration.

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